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How Christians Can Counterattack:

Knowing what the enemy aims to do and how he executes his plan can be a liability. It can do nothing more than increase our fear and apprehension. But it is beneficial if we use the information to build a good defense and to strategize a counterattack. The apostle James gave the following plan: ďTherefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from youĒ (Jas. 4:7). Wanting to do Godís will, humbly submitting to Him, and resisting the devil in Godís strength is the prescription for victory. According to Paul in Ephesians 6:11-18, we must also have on certain pieces of military equipment - ďthe whole armor of God.Ē Letís look at each element of this armor and what it means to us in our battle against ďthe wiles of the devil".

  • The belt of truth. Since Satan and his demons depend on deceit to maintain their power, our first line of defense is always to be truthful. We must never distort or misrepresent the truth, regardless of any advantage we might gain by doing so.

  • The breastplate of righteousness. Any sin in our life leaves us open to demonic attack. Even though we are given the righteousness of Christ (2 Cor. 5:21), we must still continually put on the protection of holy living.

  • The shoes of the gospel of peace. With our feet firmly planted on the truth that we are at peace with God, we can stand resolutely against Satanís attacks.

  • The shield of faith. In order to quench the ďfiery dartsĒ of Satanís temptations, we must trust and believe what Godís Word says about every area of our life.

  • The helmet of salvation. This is the confidence that there is coming in the future a great victory celebration. Itís also referred to as the ďhope of salvationĒ (1 Th. 5:8). This helmet protects us against Satanís two-edged sword of discouragement and doubt.

  • The sword of the Spirit. Since the Word of God is the basis of our faith, we need to learn how to wield it with authority. Scripture is our best offensive weapon against the devil (Mt. 4:1-11).

After he described the various elements of the armor, Paul said that we are to be in constant prayer. Prayer expresses our dependence on God. We can fight against Satan and his demons only ďin the [strength of the] Lord and in the power of His mightĒ (Eph. 6:10). In the power of Christ with the armor of the Spirit, we will be victors.